Cinderella Moment

A couple of years ago, I shared a wonderful day with Grandpa Dick. We stopped by Friendship Gardens and sat on benches near the beautiful waterfall and fountain. We were enjoying our time together in conversation about life, and our personal struggles, and of course, we did our fair share of people watching.

All of a sudden, a young robin flew to me. It’s wing brushed my arm as it perched next to my shoulder. I was afraid to look directly at him for fear he’d peck my eyes out. But he just sat close to me. And then he began to talk. Talk, talk, talk. He scooted in a little closer, and talked some more. He was compelled to share something of great importance with me. I only wish I knew what it was. But, actually…I think I do know. ♥️ This cutie stopped talking long enough for me to take his picture. This was my Cinderella moment.

my little friend

Sometimes it might only take a little, talkative bird to ground you again. Even now when I see this picture, a warm, peaceful feeling washes over me. That is the wonderful thing about pictures. You can remember just how you felt when it was taken.

Nature is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given. Finding harmony with nature grounds us, reduces stress, clears our head, fills us with peace, and brings us closer to Him. For that, I am grateful on this Sunday morning.

Thank you for stopping by today. The coffee is on and it is heavenly after being sick for days. Glad you could join me. ♥️


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